Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow - it seems i struggle to get something posted during the week - here we are, sunday evening again, dreading the Monday ahead! Tomorrow is the start to my last week at Wells Fargo! It is SO exciting but at the same time scary, since I do not have kids set in stone yet. I am getting so many calls it is hard to think that I can't get at least 1 of them!! We just keep praying and trusting God that He has brought us to this point and He will make it work!!

Today Kaydence got her Usborne books!! There is a HUGE stack of books in the living room - she really likes them - they are pretty cool books!!

I rearranged our bedroom today! It's always fun to do! We are really in need of a new comforter! Might have to look into that!!!

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  1. WOOHOO for it being your last week at WF! We are still praying that families will start locking in for you! Can't wait to get our Usborne books sometime! Guess we should plan a trip out to see you? :)