Sunday, February 28, 2010

ok, so i just needed to test it and make sure it was going to post, now i can continue!!

I'm tyring to think of some extra things to do to make some money while I'm waiting for kids to fill up. Sister Sarah has some big city friends that are in love with the hate I made Miki - I thought tomorrow I would stock up on the some fabric and yarn and make a few! I thought - why not??? I can make them super fast and they are pretty cheap to make and they are SOOO cute. Maybe it will be a new business!

Today we went outside to play. kaydence LOVEd it. she just walked around with a smile on her face ... so cute! She just cracks me up. She really really enjoyed it. She also got her first summer boo-boo. She fell off the step, it wasn't too major but I always feel bad.

The little stinker has started sucking her thumb!! I just don't know what to do with her!!! she hasn't used a passy since 9mths old and now she is 16 mths almost 17 mths and sucking it EVERY time she wants to cuddle or goes to sleep. I know kids do goofy things when their lives change so maybe that is the issue. she has done really really good with kids being here so maybe it is just the change of being home all the time. I wld think that is a good change and not cause something like this but maybe not!! Her little thumb is all red and has a big sore on it.... i just don't understand!!!
Is all I can say right now is "is it April 4th yet" I'm already kind of sick of basketball and it just started tonight.............
most nights I don't mind watching with Brant - it is pretty fun, other times not so much.

I'm not sure what is up with our blog - it is being dumb and not saving the last posts that I have done. I've blogged a few times a week since the end of feb and it hasen't saved anything!
Oh what a great week this has been! I kind of don't want to ever work again!! Tomorrow we are scheduled to get our tax return so I'm out to make some big purchases!!! I found the perfect little table for downstairs and I'm going to stock up on some more toys, markers, crayons and need to find shelves and tubs to put all the stuff in! I'm awfully excited and going to be totally sad if the tax return isn't in our acct!! :)

Last night I stayed up with Brant until 1:00am. We watched 4 hours of CHUCK! We are getting the sessions through NetFlex and we are totally addicted to that show! It was SO fun to be able to just snuggle on the couch and stay up that late without a worry about how tired I was going to be the next day - I knew I cld nap when Kaydence did! We don't get to have nights like that as much anymore so it was SO relaxing and such a good time! I love him!

Last night Milo and Nancy came for an evening of playing with Kaydence! It is always so nice to see them! They played hoursy and read lots of books and we tested her on all her words, puzzle abilities and her counting. it is always so much fun to see how much she learns and remembers! So fun to be a parent and watch her grow! There is such a feeling of pride when your child does something special - nothing can describe it!!

Stacy and Sheri came for a visit yesterday! Always SO fun to see them. We worked on their grad invites! Can't believe they are graduating!

It is snowing like crazy! YUCK!! Asia was outside for 5 min and came back in totally covered in snow - SO not cool after all the melting that happened the last 2 weeks!!!!
Thankfully it is almost the middle of March and spring will be here soon!!

kaydence is talking and suppose to be sleeping - time to get the workout in before she really wants to get out of bed!!
So this weekend we decided to start a list of all the words that Kaydence says to add to her book! We have come up with 50 words so far - so crazy! I researched online to see what was normal for a child her age - they say most children at 18 mths will say 12 words clearly. kaydence is only 16 mths so we have 2 mths to add another 20 words to that list! I feel extra proud of her sometimes! I just feel so so lucky to be blessed with a child that is healthy and loves to learn. It is such a blessing!!

Tonight i had to go pick up Brant and take him to work since he blew a tire on the way to work - such a bummer! Thank goodness I don't have anything going on right away in the morning so we can go get him - bright and early at 6 am! Wow it's going to be an early morning!! I thought I might just get my groceries while we are out. Milo and Nancy are coming for supper on Wednesday to see Kaydence. We don't get over to see them as much as we shld so it is nice that they are willing to come down to visit!

Tomorrow is my first week at home and it is such an amazing feeling!! I don't have any kids lined up yet but I know it is only a matter of time and I will have a full house! I'm just so lucky Brant supported me with this. I'm starting my own business and becoming totally self employed so I shld be nervous but i'm just so thankful to be home i'm not worried about anything!! Right now we are just praying for the Full time kids ages 2 and over....the younger kids seem to be were the need it so I will always be full with that age I think!

Time for bed -
Wow - it seems i struggle to get something posted during the week - here we are, sunday evening again, dreading the Monday ahead! Tomorrow is the start to my last week at Wells Fargo! It is SO exciting but at the same time scary, since I do not have kids set in stone yet. I am getting so many calls it is hard to think that I can't get at least 1 of them!! We just keep praying and trusting God that He has brought us to this point and He will make it work!!

Today Kaydence got her Usborne books!! There is a HUGE stack of books in the living room - she really likes them - they are pretty cool books!!

I rearranged our bedroom today! It's always fun to do! We are really in need of a new comforter! Might have to look into that!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow - I love weekends so much I wish we NEVER had to have Mondays!

I had an awesome weekend with Bekah, Katie and Amanda...and of course little cooper!! What a cutie pie! I was able to pick up Kaydence and visit with sis Sheri for a little while. What a young lady she has become. We got home about 12:30 and wanted to take a nap SO bad. I put Kaydence in her crib and she totally did not want to take a nap So i picked up the house, did dishes and worked on food for Bible study. It was so fun to have everyone over for Bible Study. What a great time to fellowship and hang out with wonderful people.

I got another call for daycare tonight. I'm thinking that March 8th is going to be the day! I was really really pushing for marh 1st but i think that is a little out of reach now...kind of a bummer because I don't know how i'm going to make it 2 more weeks at WF. I'm just not into that job anymore at ALL and i'm trying so very very hard to stay positive....praying for patience! It think it will help a lot to say "this is my last day" it's all of this not knowing when we are going to start that's killing me!!!!! My goal for this week is getting all the paperwork done as far as contract being printed up, menus finalized, files started to put kids info in. Pretty excited about it!!!!

I'm finishing up my book list from my usborne book party - how super fun it was and i'm so excited about all the books i'm getting for kaydence! I'm getting pretty sick of the ones we have and i think she is getting bored with them too - so it will be nice to update our kids book selection!!!

Mom and Dad VD brought us a carpet cleaner to use! I'm rather excited to shampoo the carpet downstairs and maybe even upstairs if i get the time!!

Thinking today that baby dawson lives too far away! I would really love to see him!!

Well i should not do this at all but i'm going to skip going for a run and head to bed. I'm SO tired and i think we will end up with a busy week again with meeting with families and all that fun stuff. It makes for not a lot of relax time when the evenings are full up! I think i'll try to do crock pot suppers all week. That would give me an extra hour that would be used for cooking supper!!

I'm looking for alnother good series of books to read. I read Harry Potter and LOVED them - i cldn't put them down, i've started 2 books since then and can NOT get into them! I kind of working on Narnia books, which i do enjoy but i know those stories pretty good already! Anyone with any ideas let me know!!!

Goodnight all - I hope you have a wonderful week and a best-it-can-be Monday!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

What a productive day!! Today mom and dad decided to come up to see Kaydence and help me move stuff around! We were able to clean out a TON of stuff from old TV's to a fish tank! It was so nice to organize our storage space. We also moved out part of our big desk so it would make more room for the daycare. I got out my baby swing, bouncy seats and baby walkers to use. Mom packed up a TON of Kaydence's clothes that don't fit anymore. I find that it is very hard for me to pack away her stuff because she is growing so fast and sometimes i just miss that little little baby! She ended up packing 5 LARGE huggies boxes full of clothes. Mom also did a bunch of laundry all the way down to folding and put most of it away - such a BLESSING to have that help!!
Kaydence just loves Grandma and Grandpa so much! She has so much fun playing and snuggling with them.

I found out today that Kaydence's knows what a tutu is! She found it in her closet and said "tutu" before mom or i said it! I couldn't believe it. She then had to play dress up! So sweet.

Well I have supper dishes to put away and then off to bed....hard work today and I am very sleepy!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Mondays after a long weekend - Never a favorite of mine. This morning started out worse then usual. On Thursday morning we were all packed in my car ready to go to Bennett and Felicias we decided to stop at the bank to cash a ck. When I put my window down it wouldn't go up. So we drove next door to a little repair shop and they said 2 hrs work and $300 to fix the window.......ugh.....So we went bk home transfered all our stuff into Brants car and got back last night to our window problem. To make things worse today was my first day working until 5:30 so we had to have 2 cars. So frustrating the timing of things. It did work out ok and the window was fixed and Kaydence got picked up on time!

We had such a wonderful time with Bennett and Felicia this past weekend! They just adopted a little boy and he is so precious! I got to take his pictures and it was so fun!!

Today I was able to move my CPR class to next tuesday so I am still on track for my March F 1st goal! SO exciting. Trying to go to work each morning is getting worse now that I know the day is coming that I get to walk out of there for good!!! So excited!

I'm praying that I can get some kids set so I can start on march 1st!

Tomorrow is Brant's birthday and we have a babysitter and are going our for supper! SO excited. It has been a long time since we have had a date with just us so i'm pretty excited.

Today I started thinking of Valentines day ... since the day is coming up soon I always start to wonder what I can give such a wonderful husband. I'm so blessed to have that problem!!!

Fun word of the week provided by Kaydence:
Yesterday while we were driving home she kept telling us that she was "stuccckkkk" because we was in her car seat and she cldn't "move" Oh she is growing up so fast!

Good night all - I have a head ache and I think the only fix is sleep in our wonderful bed with awesome new sheets (thanks Stacy) I love new sheets!!