Friday, February 5, 2010

What a productive day!! Today mom and dad decided to come up to see Kaydence and help me move stuff around! We were able to clean out a TON of stuff from old TV's to a fish tank! It was so nice to organize our storage space. We also moved out part of our big desk so it would make more room for the daycare. I got out my baby swing, bouncy seats and baby walkers to use. Mom packed up a TON of Kaydence's clothes that don't fit anymore. I find that it is very hard for me to pack away her stuff because she is growing so fast and sometimes i just miss that little little baby! She ended up packing 5 LARGE huggies boxes full of clothes. Mom also did a bunch of laundry all the way down to folding and put most of it away - such a BLESSING to have that help!!
Kaydence just loves Grandma and Grandpa so much! She has so much fun playing and snuggling with them.

I found out today that Kaydence's knows what a tutu is! She found it in her closet and said "tutu" before mom or i said it! I couldn't believe it. She then had to play dress up! So sweet.

Well I have supper dishes to put away and then off to bed....hard work today and I am very sleepy!!!


  1. Sounds very productive!!! I bet it feels good to have all of that stuff done!

  2. Um.... I'm getting bored with your site - better hurry up and update it before I stop looking at it!!!! :)