Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow - I love weekends so much I wish we NEVER had to have Mondays!

I had an awesome weekend with Bekah, Katie and Amanda...and of course little cooper!! What a cutie pie! I was able to pick up Kaydence and visit with sis Sheri for a little while. What a young lady she has become. We got home about 12:30 and wanted to take a nap SO bad. I put Kaydence in her crib and she totally did not want to take a nap So i picked up the house, did dishes and worked on food for Bible study. It was so fun to have everyone over for Bible Study. What a great time to fellowship and hang out with wonderful people.

I got another call for daycare tonight. I'm thinking that March 8th is going to be the day! I was really really pushing for marh 1st but i think that is a little out of reach now...kind of a bummer because I don't know how i'm going to make it 2 more weeks at WF. I'm just not into that job anymore at ALL and i'm trying so very very hard to stay positive....praying for patience! It think it will help a lot to say "this is my last day" it's all of this not knowing when we are going to start that's killing me!!!!! My goal for this week is getting all the paperwork done as far as contract being printed up, menus finalized, files started to put kids info in. Pretty excited about it!!!!

I'm finishing up my book list from my usborne book party - how super fun it was and i'm so excited about all the books i'm getting for kaydence! I'm getting pretty sick of the ones we have and i think she is getting bored with them too - so it will be nice to update our kids book selection!!!

Mom and Dad VD brought us a carpet cleaner to use! I'm rather excited to shampoo the carpet downstairs and maybe even upstairs if i get the time!!

Thinking today that baby dawson lives too far away! I would really love to see him!!

Well i should not do this at all but i'm going to skip going for a run and head to bed. I'm SO tired and i think we will end up with a busy week again with meeting with families and all that fun stuff. It makes for not a lot of relax time when the evenings are full up! I think i'll try to do crock pot suppers all week. That would give me an extra hour that would be used for cooking supper!!

I'm looking for alnother good series of books to read. I read Harry Potter and LOVED them - i cldn't put them down, i've started 2 books since then and can NOT get into them! I kind of working on Narnia books, which i do enjoy but i know those stories pretty good already! Anyone with any ideas let me know!!!

Goodnight all - I hope you have a wonderful week and a best-it-can-be Monday!!

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  1. Love your new page style! And thanks for the update! I had such a great weekeend with you! Can't wait to do it again! Excited to hear about your daycare updates! I hope that everything really starts falling into place for you!