Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Mondays after a long weekend - Never a favorite of mine. This morning started out worse then usual. On Thursday morning we were all packed in my car ready to go to Bennett and Felicias we decided to stop at the bank to cash a ck. When I put my window down it wouldn't go up. So we drove next door to a little repair shop and they said 2 hrs work and $300 to fix the window.......ugh.....So we went bk home transfered all our stuff into Brants car and got back last night to our window problem. To make things worse today was my first day working until 5:30 so we had to have 2 cars. So frustrating the timing of things. It did work out ok and the window was fixed and Kaydence got picked up on time!

We had such a wonderful time with Bennett and Felicia this past weekend! They just adopted a little boy and he is so precious! I got to take his pictures and it was so fun!!

Today I was able to move my CPR class to next tuesday so I am still on track for my March F 1st goal! SO exciting. Trying to go to work each morning is getting worse now that I know the day is coming that I get to walk out of there for good!!! So excited!

I'm praying that I can get some kids set so I can start on march 1st!

Tomorrow is Brant's birthday and we have a babysitter and are going our for supper! SO excited. It has been a long time since we have had a date with just us so i'm pretty excited.

Today I started thinking of Valentines day ... since the day is coming up soon I always start to wonder what I can give such a wonderful husband. I'm so blessed to have that problem!!!

Fun word of the week provided by Kaydence:
Yesterday while we were driving home she kept telling us that she was "stuccckkkk" because we was in her car seat and she cldn't "move" Oh she is growing up so fast!

Good night all - I have a head ache and I think the only fix is sleep in our wonderful bed with awesome new sheets (thanks Stacy) I love new sheets!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm sure it was fun to meet little Dawson - he is soooo cute! And the pictures that I have seen are FABULOUS! You do a great job! :)

    I bet you are really looking forward to being home doing daycare - what a great day that will be for you and your family!

    Happy Birthday to Brant! I hope that you two can enjoy a very nice evening out together!