Sunday, February 28, 2010

So this weekend we decided to start a list of all the words that Kaydence says to add to her book! We have come up with 50 words so far - so crazy! I researched online to see what was normal for a child her age - they say most children at 18 mths will say 12 words clearly. kaydence is only 16 mths so we have 2 mths to add another 20 words to that list! I feel extra proud of her sometimes! I just feel so so lucky to be blessed with a child that is healthy and loves to learn. It is such a blessing!!

Tonight i had to go pick up Brant and take him to work since he blew a tire on the way to work - such a bummer! Thank goodness I don't have anything going on right away in the morning so we can go get him - bright and early at 6 am! Wow it's going to be an early morning!! I thought I might just get my groceries while we are out. Milo and Nancy are coming for supper on Wednesday to see Kaydence. We don't get over to see them as much as we shld so it is nice that they are willing to come down to visit!

Tomorrow is my first week at home and it is such an amazing feeling!! I don't have any kids lined up yet but I know it is only a matter of time and I will have a full house! I'm just so lucky Brant supported me with this. I'm starting my own business and becoming totally self employed so I shld be nervous but i'm just so thankful to be home i'm not worried about anything!! Right now we are just praying for the Full time kids ages 2 and over....the younger kids seem to be were the need it so I will always be full with that age I think!

Time for bed -

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  1. Awesome awesome! I hope that you are thoroughly enjoying your first day "free" :0) Love you so much and am so glad that you were able to take this step for your family! We pray daily that families will start heading your way!