Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh what a great week this has been! I kind of don't want to ever work again!! Tomorrow we are scheduled to get our tax return so I'm out to make some big purchases!!! I found the perfect little table for downstairs and I'm going to stock up on some more toys, markers, crayons and need to find shelves and tubs to put all the stuff in! I'm awfully excited and going to be totally sad if the tax return isn't in our acct!! :)

Last night I stayed up with Brant until 1:00am. We watched 4 hours of CHUCK! We are getting the sessions through NetFlex and we are totally addicted to that show! It was SO fun to be able to just snuggle on the couch and stay up that late without a worry about how tired I was going to be the next day - I knew I cld nap when Kaydence did! We don't get to have nights like that as much anymore so it was SO relaxing and such a good time! I love him!

Last night Milo and Nancy came for an evening of playing with Kaydence! It is always so nice to see them! They played hoursy and read lots of books and we tested her on all her words, puzzle abilities and her counting. it is always so much fun to see how much she learns and remembers! So fun to be a parent and watch her grow! There is such a feeling of pride when your child does something special - nothing can describe it!!

Stacy and Sheri came for a visit yesterday! Always SO fun to see them. We worked on their grad invites! Can't believe they are graduating!

It is snowing like crazy! YUCK!! Asia was outside for 5 min and came back in totally covered in snow - SO not cool after all the melting that happened the last 2 weeks!!!!
Thankfully it is almost the middle of March and spring will be here soon!!

kaydence is talking and suppose to be sleeping - time to get the workout in before she really wants to get out of bed!!

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  1. Great update! How awesome that you and Brant were able to be together last night :) We definitly need to make time for cuddles in the midst of our busy lives - that much I know for sure!

    Have fun shopping! I hope the $$$ are there for you to spend! WOOHOO!