Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh what a day! SO nice to have a Monday off! Kaydence and I enjoyed a pretty slow day. Grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry! Nothing too exciting! I finished my application for our daycare so it's going in the mail tomorrow! Once it's on file with the city I can schedule my classes. Six hours of classes, pass a felony and abuse bkground ck, test neg. for TB and I'm set to go!! I was looking around the basement this morning and looking at the stuff that we need to get rid of to make room for pack 'n plays and toys! hehe! we have a weight set that is NOT used and just taking up space. Once that is out of the way I can start moving around stuff!! So excited to get started!

Kaydence put together her first puzzle today!! It was so cute because she got so upset when a piece wouldnt fit! Daddy helped her with her animal puzzle - that one was a little harder!

Time to work on some pictures before off to bed. I did 2 sessions last week of adorable couples!!Goodnight All!

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