Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey All Friends and Family - I decided that since I take WAY too many pictures of Kaydence and since we have wonderful G'mas and G'pas (or Kaydence's rather) that love to stay updated on what is going on in our lives, and since I have a wonderful friend that LOVES to check blog updates, it was time to start a blog.

I discovered this weekend during scrapbooking that I don't keep track of the little things as much as I should. I think back at the last 14, almost 15 mths of Kaydence's life and even though I remember each of her milestones I can't remember what date they took place - what mth or just how old she was. I decided our lives are too short to not take the time to keep track of the important things that are fun to look back on.

I have a wonderful husband who I couldn't live without and who I am so proud to be married to and an adorable daughter who is so precious and so incredibly smart I really don't know what to do with myself most day - and I decided I need to share this with the people I love the most!

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  1. Wow! Good thing you have a wonderful friend to keep tabs on you! :)