Sunday, April 4, 2010

So I know that it has been a very long time since I've updated on here, I have tried but for some reason my posts never saved. Kind of a bummer!

Enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Saturday Uncle Bennett, Auntie Felicia, cousins Maddy and Dawson and G'ma and G'pa VD came to SF for supper. It was so nice of them to do that so Brant could see them all. We had supper at Red Lobster, always a favorite!! Little baby Dawson (baby Da' to Kaydence) :) has gotten so big- 12 weeks and just a little chunker - SOO sweet! Kaydence loves the babies and always wants to help by either rocking the car seat or trying her darnedest to get the passy into his mouth and not an eye or nose! :) She is going to be such a little helper when we decide to have another baby! What a big sister she will be! She got very spoiled by cousin Maddy. She sat down on her lap and Maddy went through the whole pile of books! What a trooper, there are a lot of them! :) It was just so sweet!!

Mom and Dad also brought their tiller for us to use in the garden. It worked wonders! WOW, I'm getting excited to get out and plant. I don't always enjoy gardening but I LOVE to plant. I don't know why that part is so exciting! Brant has worked in all the flower beds already! He is so good with that stuff and enjoys it so much - he loves to get outside and get his hands dirty! :)

We cleared out a spot in front of the house to plant new flowers in last week. Kaydence was a HUGE help! I dug up the rocks and she carried them two-by-two to the new spot. We showed her where to put them once and she just kept growing her pile of rocks! What a goof!!

Kaydence said "four" today. As in, one, two, three, FOUR! I was excited. Don't think that she gets that it comes after three when counting but saying it is a start! She is always making me laugh, i just can't believe how much she understands and knows! Such a blessing to have a child that soaks up EVERYTHING you put in front of her. She is a constant blessing to us and I just don't know what I would do without her.
Today she ate a flower! :) At G'ma VD church they put flowers on a cross the start of the service, of course Kaydence didn't want to leave hers up there so she kept it for the service. On the way home I heard her making these gagging noises from the back seat - looked back at her and she had petals and drool running down her chin! She was making an AWFUL face and trying to wipe her tongue - I laughed at her - SOO funny. She had to have bitten the flower right off the steam because the steam was just that - a steam! Hopefully she learned her lesson! She doesn't usually put things in her mouth so I was really surprised! Big goof!

Time to get back on the right sleep schedule with going to bed on time and waking up early!
Still praying for a few more kids! Haven't got a call in a few days so I'm trying hard not to get depressed about it - it's going to be another tight month financially if I can't start making an income again - kind of scary right now! I know God will provide and I just keep trusting that He has it all planned out - Thank the LORD we can take that worry and turn it into trust in HIM. Thank you LORD for how you provide!

Good night all!

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  1. Happy Easter to you! Sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful weekend :0) We missed you at the shower though! I pray for your family each night that you will get more families for your daycare and this week I have noticed the beauty of what God provides, and I know He will provide for you! LOVE YOU!!!

    PS - how come you never post on my blog? :(